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Exclusive Rate of Tax Services


It was published on March 31st, 2016, the Decree no. 45.615/2016, that suspended the effects of the Decree no. 45.598/2016 – which had established the Exclusive Rate of Tax Services from the State Revenue (“TUST”).

In accordance with article 1, single paragraph of the new Decree, the taxpayers who would be responsible for the TUST payment, will have to pay the state service fees (stipulated by the Annex 1 of the article 107 of the Decree-Law no. 5/75), to be eligible to remain obtaining the services provided by the State Secretary of Finance.

The Decree no. 45.615/2016 was enacted as a result of preliminary court orders on the cases no. 0012479-64.2016.8.19.0000, 0003551-27.2016.8.19.0000 and 0005045-24.2016.8.19.0000, which granted the suspension of the Law no. 7.176/2015 to certain taxpayers.

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