Private Wealth

We provide advice to individuals and families with regards to structuring and reorganization of assets in Brazil and abroad. We analyze the whole family situation, in order to verify the most efficient structures available from different points of view (notably under tax, corporate and inheritance standpoints), and coordinate the entire implementation process (both in Brazil and abroad).

Our team of lawyers understand that each family has its own peculiarities, always taking into consideration all the details involved, providing a highly personalized service. Thus, our team always work closely with the client, understanding their demands, needs and concerns, in order to create the most efficient structures with respect to assets held in Brazil and abroad.

Due to the fact that the leader of the area has had academic and professional experience abroad (working specifically with structures aimed at Brazilian clients), our team is able to provide the highest quality service, being fully updated on the most varied structures and alternatives applicable to the wealth management of Brazilian families, even if part of the family lives/resides abroad.