Entertainment Right

• Assistance to the entrepreneurs from the entertainment industry, especially seeking for an appropriate and tax/corporate efficient structure for their operations;

• Study, elaboration and revision of work contracts, as well as the assignment, use and exploitation of artists’ image rights;

• Creation of legal mechanisms for the protection of copyright and intellectual property of artists;

• Study, elaboration and review of trademark sponsorship and licensing agreements;

• Study, preparation and review of contracts for production, coproduction and recording, distribution, pre-sale and licensing of rights relating to phonograms and videophonograms;

• Study, preparation and review of accessory contracts related to service provision, space leasing, insurance companies, unions of professional categories and related;

• Legal advice on tours, shows and recordings of CDs / DVDs;

• Regulatory advice to ANCINE, the Brazilian Federal Movie Agency;

• Advisory and representation in recurrent litigation in the Music and Television sectors, including but not limited to cases of counterfeiting, improper use of brand, voice and / or image, plagiarism, and other disputes involving intellectual property and commercial relations.